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Geophysical survey

Geophysical survey is a cost-effective, non-intrusive and quick way of identifying archaeological features in advance of development. The main techniques used are magnetometry, electrical resistance, ground-penetrating radar and electromagnetic survey. All require specialist equipment and expert analysis of the results. Our experienced survey teams and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to survey large areas within the timetable of the development

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Water drilling

Are you one of those people who has always wanted your own well... but could never afford it? Are you tired of paying huge monthly bills and dealing with restrictions and limits to your water supply? Would you like your own source of virtually free, pure, fresh water? Well now you can have it! With our new revolutionary system you can drill a well in your backyard at a fraction of the cost of other water well drilling systems - so cheap in fact,

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Perimeter security fence

With DEEQA CONSTRUCTION & WATER WELL DRILLING COMPANY LIMITED networked electric perimeter security fencing system, you can manage system-wide security through one management platform. The high-level integration of Gallagher’s electric perimeter fence security system delivers full configuration, control and monitoring capability for multi-zoned, multi-site perimeter security. Features and Benefits Deter criminals with high voltage perimeter

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Laser wire concertina wire

Concertina Razor Wire, or Barbed Tape Concertina, is the galvanized Barbed Tape combined with the core wire, to form continuous spirals which are clipped together at various intervals with heavy duty clips. These coils are collapsable for transportation, and then expanded and fastened for use. Figure 1: Concertina Razor WireThe Strength of the product is in the heavy duty clip, which is used for the shaping of the concertina coil. This heavy duty

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Logistics Augmentation for Somali Region Operations

The purpose of this Special Operation is to address a number of logistical bottlenecks and challenges that WFP is facing in the Somali region of Ethiopia. The humanitarian crisis in the Somali region of Ethiopia has recently further deteriorated due to continuing drought and an unstable security situation. DEEQA CONSTRUCTION & WATER WELL DRILLING COMPANY LIMITED's  is responsible for secondary transport and delivery to final delivery points

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water storage tanks somalia

Rural water system helps alleviate impact of drought in Somalia As communities in Somalia face harsh conditions following the failure of the October-December Deyr rains, the people of Waaciye village [pronounced Waaiye] are grateful that the borehole in their community is now operational, serving as a reliable and safe water source. Waaciye, with an estimated population of 1000 families, is located about 140 km south of Bossaso -the main port town

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