About Us

Deeqa Construction & Water Well Drilling Company Limited has been delivering Professional Construction Services in Somalia since 1979 with special focus in the Water, Civil and Building Sub Sectors. The company is proud that we have undertaken several important construction projects since the collapse of the Somali government in 1991.

Other areas of business of the company include inland transport, export and import of various commodities and procurement. DEEQA General Trading LLC has the upper hand in this domain acting as the link between the supplier and the customer.

All Project implementation by Deeqa Construction & Water Well Drilling & Company Limited is carried out in Mogadishu – Somalia.  The Nairobi and Dubai offices are for logistics purposes only.

Deeqa is committed to the delivery of services, commodities or whatever we are called upon to deliver in a timely and professional manner.  Our presence in Somalia, Nairobi, and Dubai gives a strong network, ensuring coordination and prompt delivery.  Our long experience in handling bulk consignments from one country to another has sharpened our skills, making us the preferred choice of many International companies when sourcing for an Export/Import Company.

The Deeqa team is comprised of highly skilled, experienced, motivated and innovative professionals, para professionals, operatives and other field employees. This team has consistently ensured that projects are not only delivered on time, but with quality that surpasses the client’s expectations. Presently Deeqa has a combined staff of 300 employees both on permanent and temporary terms. Our local orientation and capacities play a big role in the delivery of whatever tasks we are called upon to perform.

Although we faced many challenges, DEEQA is the only company that has continued to operate in Somalia throughout the civil war. Currently we have about 300 combined casual and full-time employees, including four professional engineers and other management staff.
DEEQA Construction and Water Well drilling has several completed projects in Building construction; Road construction, Port construction, Air-strip Construction; Hospital Construction, Public Office & Residential Construction and Water Well Drilling. DEEQA’s track record includes some of the most prestigious projects in Somalia such as Construction and/or rehabilitation of Hotel Maka Al-Mukarama, Hotel Ramadan, Hotel Olympic, Hotel Nasa Hablood, Hotel KAAH, Forlanini Hospital, Keysaney Hospital, Schools, District Revenue Offices for all 16 districts in Mogadishu, Cisaley Airstrip, Asphalt Road from El-Ma’an to Mogadishu (30KM), El-Ma’an Port and over 100 wells in Mudug, Galgadud, Hiiraan, Middle Shabelle and Benadir.Our managers have more than 200 years of combined experience in the Construction Industry.  Of equal importance to our staff, is our track record, which is our fundamental integrity. We believe that our competitive advantage results from the mutual trust and respect that we share with our employees and our sub-contractors. Effective teamwork significantly and positively affects our ability to deliver a quality project on time and within budget.  We have substantial experience bringing difficult and sensitive projects to successful completion.

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