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Deeqa Construction & Water Well Drilling Company Limited has been delivering Professional Construction Services in Somalia since 1979 with special focus in the Water, Civil and Building Sub Sectors. The company is proud that we have undertaken several important construction projects since the collapse of the Somali government in 1991.

Other areas of business of the company include inland transport, export and import of various commodities and procurement. DEEQA General Trading LLC has the upper hand in this domain acting as the link between the supplier and the customer.

All Project implementation by Deeqa Construction & Water Well Drilling & Company Limited is carried out in Mogadishu – Somalia. The Nairobi and Dubai offices are for logistics purposes only. Deeqa is committed to the delivery of services,

Our Mission

Our Mission

Restructuring the Future through Innovative Ideas’ provided experiential Civil Engineering, critical thinking and strategic supply chain services that meets customer requirements. A company that is specializes in problem solving and creating innovative solutions, persistent productivity with the sole aim for clients to obtain value for money.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of Civil Engineering, Constructions, Water & Waste Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Service provider, that fulfil and even exceed customer expectations. We are highly committed to bring premium services to the people of Somalia and the whole of Horn and East Africa.


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Osmosis Water Desalination System

Lack of drinkable water effects many parts of the world. Deeqa supplies reverse osmosis water distrdesalination systems to address such water scarcity

Water drilling

Deeqa is one of the most respected water well drilling contractors in Somalia. Builders , International AID institutions and property owners in Somalia have high praise for our professional

Geophysical Survey

Deeqa is a specialist independent geophysical survey company based in Somalia. Our experienced staff offer Geophysical Contracting and Consulting

Construction of warehouses

Warehouses, defined here, are facilities that provide a proper environment for the purpose of storing goods and materials that require protection

Perimeter security fence

The high-level integration of Gallagher’s electric perimeter fence security system delivers full configuration, control and monitoring capability


Deeqa Construction
& Water Well Drilling
Co. Limited

CSR & Community Projects

Investing in our future

We take seriously our role as a corporate citizen in the communities that we practise in. Our policy is to promote positive development in education, literacy, water and the arts, while running our firm with due consideration for the environment at all times.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are working hard to minimise the impact that we have on the environment. We have invested in the latest solutions including video conferencing and secure data transfer in order to reduce our carbon footprint and all of our lawyers and support staff throughout the world consider the impact of their daily business.

Community Projects

Work in the community has always been part of the culture of our firm. Our involvement in the community provides an opportunity for all our staff to undertake voluntary activities, whilst at the same time helping with the recruitment, health and social amenities, motivation and personal development of our people.


We perform all types of property maintenance and repair

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