Below are the details of our Civil Engineering work that’s been undertaken for ICRC, ADRA, UNICEF, UNDP, Pharmacy Sans Frontier, UNISOM, FINCO, WFP, CARE, DynCorp, AMISOM, Bancroft Global & other locally owned companies.

No.Project NameYearClientDuration
1Sugarcane farm irrigation project in Gidiar1987Food and Agriculture Organization, Somalia2 years
2Rehabilitation of asphalt roads in Forlini Hospital1989JV FINNCO, Somalia1 year
3Shipments from Mombasa – El Maan port 50 TON food1991-93International Committee of the Red Cross, Somalia2 years
4Inland transport of 50-ton Food1991-93International Committee of the Red Cross, Somalia2 years
5Renovation of Kayseney Hospital1992International Committee of the Red Cross, Somalia3 years
6Rehabilitation of Adale Clinic1993ADRA, Somalia6 Months
7Drilling Boreholes in Middle Shabelle region1993-99USAID/ADRA, Somalia7 years
8Construction of Mogadishu -North Airstrip1992Somalia Community6 Months
9Construction of triage in in Keysaney hospital1995International Committee of the Red Cross, Somalia6 Months
10New roofing and maintenance of Keysaney hospital1996International Committee of the Red Cross, Somalia6 Months
11Drilling Boreholes in Galgadud region1996-01EU/ADRA, Somalia6 Years
12Construction of RCC access roads in Kaysaney hospital2001International Committee of the Red Cross, Somalia6 Months
13Construction of water facilities in Kaysaney hospital2002International Committee of the Red Cross, Somalia1 year
14River embankments Construction1997CEFA, Somalia1 year
15Excavation and construction of Mahaday canal1995Mahaday CARE, Somalia6 Months
16Excavation and construction of Kalundi canal1996ADRA, Somalia6 Months
17Excavation and construction of Buray canal1996CARE, Somalia6 Months
18Drilling Boreholes in Benadir region1999-04Somalia6 years
19Construction for the accommodation of 8 airstrips in Southern Somalia2005World Food Program, Somalia1 year
20Construction of 10 school feeding centres2007World Food Program, Somalia1 year
21Preparation of RCC jersey Barriers for defence and barricade purposes in and around Mogadishu2010United Nations Support Office in Somalia1 year
22Procurement of Pipes2010United Nations Support Office in Somalia, Mombasa3 Months
23Procurement of Construction Materials2010United Nations Support Office in Somalia6 Months
24UNSOA CON 10-30 Water Well Drilling in AMISOM Camps and UN Camps2010United Nations Support Office for AMISOM1 year
25Construction of Hesco defence Wall2010United Nations Support Office in Somalia4 Months
26Chain-link and razor wire installation2011-2012United Nations Support Office for AMISOM1 year
27UNSOA CON 12-006 Water Well Drilling, maintenance, and repair in all sectors in Somalia2007United Nations Support Office for AMISOM1 year
28UNSOA CON 12-038 Construction of Hesco Bastion Baskets defence walls and cell for security protection in and around the AMISOM camps and UN facilities2012-2013United Nations Support Office for AMISOM1 year
29UNSOA CON 13/012 Erection of UN supplied soft wall hangers 15 x 36m (works included Excavation of the ground levelling, watering and compaction. Setting out the form work and steel reinforcement, Concreting and final Erection of the warehouse2013United Nations Support Office for AMISOM1 year
30Rehabilitation of 3 police stations in Somalia Mogadishu Due to the Civil war in Somalia most of the buildings were destroyed and dilapidated. Deeqa Rehabilitated 3 Police stations in Mogadishu. This in turn improved the welfare of the police and improved on the security2013United Nations Support Office for AMISOM1 year
31Construction of concrete “V” channel for waste water management and Water Well Drilling at the British Embassy2013CBM/
British Embassy, MIA
6 Months
32Construction of modern bakery at Inchcape shipping services with a capacity of producing 3000 sliced loaves of bread per day (ISS)2013Inchcape
Shipping Services, MIA
6 Months
33Boundary Hesco installation with watch towers and bunker at the Aljazeera training ground (European Union)2013European Union Training Mission3 Months
34CCTV installation at Aden Adde International Airport and Nasa Hablod hotel (Enhancing security)2013Somali Civil Aviation Authority, MIA1 Month
35Construction of security bunker at Al-Jazeera for the
European Union(EU)
2014European Union Training Mission2 Months
36Construction of perimeter block wall at Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS)2013-2014Inchcape
Shipping Services, MIA
6 Months
37Storage yard modification by grading & compaction and construction of Waste water drainage system with silt traps at the Inchcape shipping Services (ISS)2013-2014Inchcape
Shipping Services, MIA
9 Months
38UNSOA CON 14/23 Water wells construction and repairs and maintenance2014United Nations Support Office for AMISOM4 Months
39UNSOA CON 14/033 Construction of 9 accommodation facilities in Beletweyne2014United Nations Support Office for AMISOM1 year
40Construction of Security enhancement features at the immigration offices with T-walls boom gates, pedestrian gates and security check houses (Immigration Department Somalia)2014Immigration
Department Somalia, Mogadishu
4 Months
41Roofing of accommodation containers and construction of a shelter (Supreme fuels)2014SUPREME FUELS, MIA1 Month
42Construction of security bunker for the Ministry of defense Somalia (Gashandigah)2014European Union Training Mission1 Month
43Supply of construction materials (Sand Gravel and Cement) (ISS)2013-2014Integrated Shipping Services, MIA1 year
44Construction works, force, protection works and supply of office furniture EU (European Union)2014European Union Training Mission6 Months
45Construction of Kenya Embassy Buildings2015Ministry Of Foreign Affairs-Kenya, MIA1 year
46Construction of hard wall buildings2017United Nations Support Office for AMISOM5 years
47Provision of Facility maintenance repair and ground maintenance services2017United Nations Support Office for Somalia1 year
48Provision of bore well repair and maintenance services2017United Nations Support Office for Somalia1 year
49Supply ,installation maintenance of water treatment system at the Demartino Hospital2017-2018United Nations Office for Project Services1 year
50Supply of two 175KvA Perkins generators with automatic change over system2016Dutch Embassy/Office, MIAMaintenance On going
51Roofing of Buildings at the Dutch Office with Decra roofing tiles2016Dutch Embassy/Office, MIA4 Months
52Construction of prefab offices for UNDP,IOM and UNHCR in the MIA2016United Nations Development Programme, MIA10 Months
53Drilling of two bore wells and supply and installation of RO plant with 20,000 litres capacity per day2016Dutch Embassy/Office, MIAMaintenance On going
54Collection, ,removal, ,recycling and disposal of used recyclable hazardous and non-hazardous products in Somalia2018United Nations Support Office for SomaliaOn going
55Facility Maintenance Repair & Ground Maintenance Services2017United Nations Support Office for SomaliaOn going
56Construction of Hard Walls Accommodation Facilities2016United Nations Support Office for SomaliaOn going
57Provision of Cleaning, Laundry, General Repair & Maintenance Services2019International Organization for Migration, MIAOn going
58Upgrade of Serendi Centre2019Adam Smith International, MIAOn going
59Provision of Cleaning, Laundry and General Maintenance Services at IOM Compound in Mogadishu, Somalia2019International Development Law Organization, MIAOn going
60Refurbishment of Attorney General Office Library2019United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, MIAOn going
61Water Work at UNHCR’s Representation Office in Mogadishu, Somalia2019UNHCROn going