Deeqa’s logistics services cover a wide range of solutions and services in Somalia. Thses services help international organizations, embassies, government programs and private businesses to get professional supply chain support. Deeqa help its clients with

  • Procurement: Procurement is the process of ordering and collecting supplies from other parts of the supply chain.
  • Order fulfillment: Receiving orders from clients, choosing and packaging them, and preparing for them to be completed and shipped out are all examples of order fulfillment.
  • Storage: Holding goods in warehouses and other similar locations for a short period of time.
  • Transportation:¬†Consolidation, deconsolidation, management, and transportation of goods are all aspects of transportation.
shipping to illustrate Deeqa supply chain services

Procurement and Receiving Services

Procurement is based on ordering and receiving goods from upstream in the supply chain. As part of procurement and receiving service, Deeqa provides:

  • On behalf of its clients, Deeqa manages inventory.
  • Recognize when inventory levels are poor and place orders with suppliers and distributors.
  • Arrange for supplies to be delivered from the supplier or producer.
  • Receive products and store them before they are ordered or needed somewhere else.

Order Fulfillment Services

Deeqa can manage, on behalf of its clients, order management, fulfillment, and distribution. As part of the order fulfillment service Deeqa offers:

  • Customers, representatives of the public, and others may make requests for products.
  • When orders are issued, manage inventory and subtract from stock levels.
  • Pick up the requested item from their warehouse’s stock.
  • Pack the requested item in order for it to be delivered.
  • Arrange for the item’s loading and delivery to its final destination.

Storage and Warehousing Services?

One of the primary services of Deeqa third-party logistics is to manage the safe storage of goods until they are needed elsewhere.

  • Customers may be allocated to public warehousing based on priority, availability, and demand.
  • Preassigned and leased out contract warehousing to a particular customer for a specific period of time
  • Specialist storage for a variety of items, such as chemicals, food, or goods, that must be stored in specific conditions.
  • Storage of important, volatile, or otherwise sensitive products in a high-security environment
  • Tracking and placement of goods inside the warehouse for fast detection, storage, and retrieval
  • Inventory control and auditing to ensure correct goods receipt, stock level management, and delivery.
two person walking in a factory office

Environmentally Controlled Freight

Certain goods need to be transported in specialist environments. Deeqa has specialist vehicles that are equipped with ways to control temperature, light levels, humidity, and other factors to preserve goods as they reach their destination. This will be provided mostly to the inbound Somalia sector.