DEEQA successfully implemented this project to International Organization for Migration (IOM), Somalia from 1st November 2019 to 31st December 2020. The project provided an opportunity for DEEQA to work closely with IOM and gain their satisfaction by the provision of the services included in the project. The project area was Mogadishu, Somalia.  

Services Management

Services provided in this project included but were not limited to cleaning, laundry, general repair, and maintenance services. The services nature included facilities maintenance and repairs, emergency response, and ground maintenance service. DEEQA provides all personnel, equipment, tools, supervision, and other items and services deemed necessary. DEEQA as the independent contractor had to ensure that the above services are delivered in an efficient and timely manner and in line with international standards for service delivery and safety. 

The project team expressed the most interesting part of the project was ground maintenance and gardening services. Ground maintenance included leveling to the open spaces, greenery, farming, and planting trees, flowers, and plants. Taking care of this greenery with watering, mechanical pest control and gardening was another service of the project.

Project Summary:

Project NameProvision of Cleaning, Laundry, General Repair,
 and Maintenance services
Name of clientInternational Organization for Migration
Date started1st November 2019
Date completed31st December 2020

The project also included minor engineering and rehabilitation services which included both horizontal and vertical structures. Such engineering works were in the field of water treatment, electric, masonry, welding, and masonry. 

Quality Control

To ensure quality, Deeqa has a strong customer care component, which includes customer satisfaction and professionalism in service delivery. These services adhere to international quality, environmental management, health and safety, and supply chain management standards. DEEQA personnel has several years of experience working with international organizations and UN agencies. This has enabled the team to meet all the standards of quality accordingly.

Team Management

This project was lead by Mr. Muktar Ali Mohamed who was the Project Manager. The project team included various positions namely, the site supervisor(s), civil engineers, QA/QC, and draftsmen. Other key personnel: electricians, masons, carpenters, welders, painters, gardeners, ground maintenance teams, and laundry teams. 

Logistics Management

The project warehouse was managed by a dedicated Warehouse Officer who was responsible for ensuring that maintenance materials are always available and kept at the optimal quantity. DEEQA was responsible for the proper handling and storage of materials, as well as their distribution, consumption, and final disposal at the warehouse.

DEEQA managed the flow of materials/consumables from point of origin to the point of consumption. Physical item logistics typically entails the integration of information flow, material handling, production, packaging, inventory, transportation, warehousing, and, in some cases, security in volatile areas.

Environmental Management System

DEEQA strives to set an example of responsible Environmental Management and Conservation in its business activities, including active re-cycling of materials wherever possible. During the design and operational performance, the company will comply with all applicable legislation and adhere to the principles of pollution prevention.

DEEQA has enforced an environmental management system that conforms to the international standard ISO 14001. This includes systems for assessing the environmental impact of DEEQA operations and providing appropriate levels of training and information to support environmental goals and objectives. DEEQA encourages all employees to set a better example by taking personal responsibility for environmental protection and enhancement within their own sphere of responsibility to standards commensurate with the company’s high standards. DEEQA collaborates with subcontractors and suppliers to improve environmental performance.