From the 1st of January 2021 to the 31st of December 2021, DEEQA implemented this project for the UNOPS Office in Somalia. The project allowed DEEQA to collaborate closely with UNOPS, provide them with the services as per the scope of the project and gain their gratification. The UNOPS office in Mogadishu, Somalia was well maintained with preventive, ad-hoc, and request-based facility management services throughout the execution of this contract.

Services Management

The activities included in this project were cleaning, laundry, general repair, and maintenance services. Facilities maintenance and repairs, emergency response, and ground maintenance service were among the services provided. DEEQA provides all necessary personnel, equipment, tools, supervision, and other items and services. DEEQA, as the independent contractor, was responsible for ensuring that the aforementioned services are delivered in an efficient and timely manner, in accordance with international service delivery and safety standards.

The most interesting aspect of the project, according to the project team, was ground maintenance and gardening services. Leveling the open spaces, greenery, farming, and planting trees, flowers, and plants were all part of the ground maintenance. Another service provided by the project was the care of this greenery through watering, mechanical pest control, and gardening.

Project Summary

Project NameFacility Maintenance Services to UNOPS Somalia
Name of clientUNOPS
Date started01, January 2021
Date completed31st December 2021

Quality Control

These services meet international standards for quality, environmental management, health and safety, and supply chain management. DEEQA personnel has extensive experience working with international organizations and United Nations agencies. As a result, the team was able to meet all of the quality standards.

The QC/QA officer was assigned to the project full-time and was monitoring all personnel, tools and equipment, supplies and consumables, and services. In the event of a deviation from the required standard, the officer was authorized to issue a stop-work order, but this was not necessary during the project.

Team Management

Mr. Muktar Ali Mohamed, the Project Manager, was in charge of this project. The site supervisor(s), civil engineers, QA/QC, and engineering technicians were all part of the project team. Electricians, masons, carpenters, welders, painters, gardeners, ground maintenance teams, and laundry teams are among the other key personnel.

DEEQA provided all necessary personnel, equipment, tools, supervision, and other items and services. The team was able to demonstrate that the aforementioned services are delivered efficiently and on time.

Environmental Management System

DEEQA is dedicated to offering unsurpassed service quality and standards to all of its clients. DEEQA believes that this can and should be done in a way that is environmentally friendly and beneficial. It is a key component of DEEQA’s business strategy, which attempts to minimize losses while maximizing gains. Environmental factors will be considered in DEEQA’s business planning and decision-making.